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91. pajek, Carolinin hrbet (Kolumbija, Portoriko)


carry on spider web

This is my own domestic carry on spider web tatoo. It is not a wall spider… but I did tatoo it on my back as a direct reference to the spider that can make/weave her home wherever she goes, it is a constant reminder that i can do the same.  Also it has a spiral design in reference to the circular time lived by the natives and indegenous people from the world, in oposition to the western culture linear time.  My cousin tatoed it in Bogota in 2003 with Pelikan ink and a home-made tatoo machine.  It took two hours and it hurt.  After a lot of sun and sea, the color has faded a bit and turned a bit blue, much like a prison tatoo.

In Colombia when you find a spider in your house, you let it live and never kill it, as spiders are tokens of good luck, plus, they eat the mosquitoes.  If you smoke spiderwebs (you can do so by rolling them around your cigarrete) your vision is blurred by spiderweb patterns!

Love from the tropics